Equinox Sunrise at Bunaken
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Equinox Sunrise at Bunaken

Equinox sunrise (March 20, 2009) was fun since I was near the equator (about 1.5 degrees north), and with Dad (who is very much aware of such celestial events). Technically, sunrise should have been exactly at 6am, and sunset exactly 6pm. This isn't necessarily the case, though, since our timezones don't always match up exactly to reality. In our case sunrise was 5:50am (at least by my watch). But the part that is true is that everyone gets a 12 hour day, and a 12 hour night. So while I was busy photographing, my dad tried to figure out how far off our time zone was, and whether he could figure out our exact position on the globe. Another fun aspect of Equinox is that the sun rises exactly (due) east on this day everywhere in the world, and at noon you have no shadow whatsoever (this second part is only true on the equator). Of course, this doesn't really say anything about the photo. :)


Posted Apr 10, 2009 5:00 pm

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